Friday, June 29, 2012

Yesterday we left Nara for a day in Kyoto.  We had completed 2 more school visits and then a visit to the University with a tour from some of the students.  The first school, Koutou Jr. High, was up in the mountains, so we had a very short visit to Enjo-Ji Temple before arriving.

The students greeted us at the door - they also have a very small number of students, only 40.  Then we attended different groups for activities in:  Judo, Calligraphy, and Koto - a musical instrument of Japan. I attended Koto and learned how to play the instrument. It was very difficult to learn, but beautiful to listen to.  After this we learned some Japanese manners of how to bow and serve tea!

 At Tonan Jr. High we learned about their recycling program and roof garden that grows cucumbers to help shade the windows from the sun.

In Kyoto, I was able to see many of the sights and did so much walking.  It is a very large city with a lot of history - it was also a capital of Japan at one time!

Now I am back in Tokyo fro the joint conference with US and Japanese teachers.  We will be discussing what we learned and projects we hope to complete on sustainable development.

Question:  What project would you like to work on with Japanese schools?  Areas we are looking at are: the enviroment, human impact, culture, world heritage, peace, and students' responsibility.  


  1. I think the project that I would do is the Enviroment because I like to take care of plants.

  2. I would like to plant a garden somewhere and have trees, bushes, and more trees. And Bonsai Trees!

  3. Watashi wa nihon'nogakkō de bunka purojekuto o yaritai!

    Amarini mo watashinoburogu o chekkushitekudasai!

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    --Shi. Gaburieru· Busshu

    I would like to do a culture project with the Japanese schools!

    Be sure to check out my blog too!

    --Mr. Gabriel Bush

  4. The project i would like to work on with jappenese schools would be human impact.

    Emily Heath

  5. One project I would like to do with the Japan's school would be is learning how to play a new instrument.

    -Sammy Q

  6. I would like to work on the environment. Sasha