Monday, June 25, 2012

Visited the Nara City Education Center yesterday - a state of the art center for teacher training and resources.  They even have a planetarium - quite impressive.  Nara does quite a lot with World Heritage as they have many areas that are designated as a World Heritage sight.

Then we visited Ichijo Municipal High School and got to participate in an English Class with the students.  They had to ask us questions in English - very fun!  Afterwards we observed the students cleaning the school.  Students take pride in their schools and all Japanese students clean their schools.  Then it we observed several afternoon afterschool activities - one was a really amazing dance program.

Some of the activities we saw were: dance, fencing, baseball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, judo, band, handball, and badminton. Students are often at school till 7pm.

Question:  What after-school activity would you like to participate in, if it was offered at our school?


  1. I am so happy for you, Sue! The food, the parks, the school, it all looks like a cool trip. It is a clean country, yes? And a little stormy weather? Breezy? Sunny?
    Did you hear the news? Lonesome George and Duchess died in the last 2 days. Mari

  2. Watashi wa,-ji no baai ni wa, kono gakkō de teikyō sa reta baai no dorama kurasu de sanka shitai to omoimasu.
    --Shi. Gaburieru· Busshu

    I would like to participate in drama classes if if were provided at this school.
    --Mr. Gabriel Bush

  3. I would like to join a chess club. chess is fun.

  4. I would like to participate in sports if they were offered at this school but now i dont have to worry about them being offered.

    Emily Heath

  5. If there was programs at school then I would do a couple of them. Like I would do swimming, fenceing,volleyball, and baseball. I think it would be very intresting if they had these programs at school.

    -Sammy Q

  6. I would like to play soccer. Sasha