Sunday, June 24, 2012

Been a busy couple of days - I'm now in Nara which is fairly close to Kyoto and Osaka. We did a tour of Nara Park yesterday - had an amazing lunch and then visited Nara National Museum. Next it was onto a tour of Todaiji Temple -which is  surrounded by deer. Also just completed my homestay with a very nice family in a mountainous area about an hour from Nara - very beautiful. More schools tomorrow!

Question:  Why are there so many deer in Nara? (go online to find your answer) -  Answer in the comment area below.  


  1. Because deer are awesome and deer eat grass which grass is awesome and they live in the grass which is awesome. little fuzzy deer.

  2. Watashi wa shika Nara, Nihon no hitobito ni shinseidearu tame, karera wa shika ga zōshoku suru koto ga dekite iru koto to omoimasu!

    Amarini mo watashinoburogu o chekkushitekudasai!

    Http: / / Spinos - auro. Blogspot. Komu/

    --Shi. Gaburieru· Busshu

    I think that because the deer are sacred to the people of Nara, Japan, they have allowed the deer to multiply!

    Be sure to check out my blog too!

    --Mr. Gabriel Bush

  3. because deer are sacred to nara and the people that live there give out crackers called shika senbei whick are rice crackers.
    Emily Heath

  4. There is so may deers in Nara because they are special to Nara and the people there fed them rice crackers.

    -Sammy Q