Monday, July 16, 2012

Photos around Japan

Nara was all about the deer!

Usually timid, unless you had food to give them. 
 Originally the capital of Japan - many temples and shrines found around the city.  Endo-Ji temple in the mountains above Nara.

Tokyo also had many shrines and temples-  below  is Asakusa.

Also originally one of the capitals of Japan.  Many old areas mixed in with those of a big city.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ESD projects!

ESD: Education for Sustainable Development is the idea that we live within our means.
It is not just about the environment - it is about the interconnection of all things and the
careful use of natural resources.  That we partner with nature and not dominate it!  

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), explains ESD as 
"a vision of education that seeks to balance human and economic well-being with cultural traditions
and respect for the earth's natural resources".  

We will be doing this by working 
together with schools in both the
U.S. and in Japan!

At Howard Gray we will be concentrating on three main areas:  Food, Peace and Water.  
Food:  We will be working on a project to design "mascots" that teach younger students about good food nutrition and healthy eating.  So start thinking about the food groups and ideas you have for teaching students about these!

Water:  Water is needed for life and connects us all around the world.  We will be learning about water sources in areas around the U.S and in Japan and the importance of conservation, especially in Arizona!  This will involve some field-trips to ponds and other water areas and communicating with students around the world!

Peace:  We will be participating in a project where we will be sending "symbols of Peace" to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial park in Japan.  
Question - What is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and why is it important? (put your answers in the comment section below).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Leaving Japan

Today I head back to Arizona from  Japan.  This has been a fantastic trip with lots of great experiences to share with all of you!

For the last few days we have been working together on joint projects to use in class so that we can build international understanding between the US, Japan and around the world.

We wrapped up the trip by working in small groups and I have several projects I will be sharing at school!

Here is a view from the hotel conference room and then all the teachers that were involved in the program.

I leave Tokyo at 4 pm today, July 2nd, and arrive in Phoenix at 3:30 pm on July 2nd.

Question:  How am I able to arrive earlier, then I left?  Answer in the comment area below!